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The 11 biggest trends in lighting technology right now - Lighting Specialists

The 11 biggest trends in lighting technology right now

There’s so much going on in lighting these days that we couldn’t fit it all into a standard list of 10. So sit back and bone up on the technology trends to watch  Original Post here: Pictured: Photonstar Halcyon system. 1. Connectivity With LEDs comprehensively in the mainstream, the next frontier in lighting is controls. Call it smart, call it connected, call it what you like – the point is that your lights can be controlled. Dimmers and sensors have been around for donkey’s years, but the challenge now is to make them more sophisticated, get them to communicate with other devices and make sure people use them. Energy saving is only the start of the potential benefits – connected lighting also promises to make us safer and pave the way for…

2. The internet of things The internet of things is the term used to describe what happens when it’s …

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