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Lighting Store in Utah - Lighting Salt Lake City

Tips on How to Best Light your Bathroom

The bathroom has become one of the most important spaces in contemporary homes. For many it is a place of relaxation, filled with comforts fit for an expensive spa. Customization options for new construction and remodeled bathrooms allow for the design of your personal getaway, and the proper lighting design maximizes the enjoyment of your bathroom.

When you install a light fixture in your bathroom you want it to serve a function while adding to the ambiance that you want to create in the room. Bathrooms can end up being very complicated, with many different shapes, patterns and textures around the room.  Effective lighting design helps to smooth out these differences and create a comfortable, cohesive feel to the room.  It also helps you to look and feel your best at the beginning and end of each day.

The bathroom mirror is where you will most see yourself during the day and you want to have the best light for shaving, applying makeup, and other grooming tasks.  Install light fixtures that work well with your mirror. For small mirrors, wall mounted fixtures placed on either side of the mirror will reduce shading of your face.  Over larger mirrors, a row of individually shaded fixtures above the mirror will give you great light to see yourself.  Consider adding a dimmer switch, as this greatly enhances your ability to adjust the lighting to your needs, and is much nicer for use at night.

Another option for night lighting is under the counter or toe lighting, available in low voltage or LED options.  A room sensor can be added to turn the lights on and off when you enter and leave the room.  This really adds to your comfort and safety during night visits to the bathroom.

It is easy to overlook the toilet's lighting needs, but many people could benefit from the addition of a good light source to illuminate reading materials.  A great option is to install a light fixture that is focused from a halogen bulb.  This is one of the places in the bathroom that you might want to consider recessed lighting.

Another great usage of recessed lighting is in your tub and shower areas.  Choose lighting fixtures designed for wet use, and consider the angle of lights over tubs to reduce glare and help your relaxation. Creating brightness is important, but try for balance to create a warm and inviting space perfect for leaving behind your worries. The daily shower is a time to enjoy some tranquility and begin to focus for the day, so install light fixtures that make you feel your best.

With each of the separate areas of a bathroom accounted for and properly lighted, the finishing touches to the best bathroom lighting designs bring the whole room together with indirect lighting and decorative accents.  Cove lighting gives a warm, ambient glow that provides soft lighting and ties the room together.  Choose one or two pieces that you want to highlight in the room.  One of these should be a ceiling fixture that adds a decorative touch and adds brightness.  Another piece might be a small table top lamp that coordinates with your home's design and lighting themes.

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home.  Be sure to plan your lighting design properly and contact a licensed, certified Utah electrician to install light fixtures. Your bathroom becomes your personal oasis and getaway when it is designed for your comfort.  Make the best lighting available part of that design.

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