Hottest Home Decor Trends 2015 - Lighting Utah, Idaho and Wyoming

Inspired by the Hottest Home Decor Trends, Kichler Launches Striking New Collections
for 2015

Kichler continually follows and measures residential decorative trends in an effort to create lighting that meets our customers’ needs.
With the introduction of the new January 2015 release, many of the hot trends can be connected to even hotter lighting ideas.
Danish modern designs, prevalent in the middle of the 20th century, continue to be an important influence on current products. Arm chandeliers originally manufactured in Europe are turning up in high-end antique stores and commanding top dollar. This trend is realized in Kichler’s newDanika collection, which combines the highly functional adjustable arms with the growing demand for white accessories in the home. The light wood accent and complementary mini-pendant and shade pendant makes Danika just right for today’s home.

The Vintage Industrial trend has dominated traditional preferences for the past two years. With that in mind, Kichler introduces Cobson™, a collection of industrial shades with a tumbled finish socket holder in a contrasting color and functional paddle switch. Available in three sizes (8", 12" and 16"), and three finishes (Natural Brass, Olde Bronze® and Polished Nickel), the smallest converts to a wall sconce. This family appears straight from the factory, yet looks refreshing in the home.

Following along the same aesthetic line, we introduce Rumer™, a design based on the cord-hung bare bulbs found in dozens of 1940s film noir room settings. A mechanical clamp allows each lamp to be configured to desired lengths, and can also be assembled as a sconce. Finished in warm, inviting Natural Brass, Rumer works in almost any setting.

Ashland Bay CollectionNautical designs fit equally well with cottage architecture and interiors. The new bath collection, Caparros™and exterior lighting family,Ashland Bay are perfect matches for this delightful trend. Along with ribbed, clear glass, Ashland Bay is finished in Weathered Zinc, a matte, textured grey color that works perfectly with exterior residential surfaces.

According to numerous NAHB surveys of consumer preferences, 9’ or taller ceiling heights are here to stay. With taller ceilings, taller lighting is necessary to look proportional in those rooms. Abellona™ has been created with this shift in mind. Heights substantially larger than the diameter fill the vertical space. Abellona features a new Sterling Gold™ finish, adding value and a progressive touch to this enchanting lighting family.
Trends continue to present themselves along with opportunities to enhance various living environments and raise the aesthetics of each individual space. Kichler’s ability to forecast trends and respond with commensurate lighting assures the customer will have a well-appointed room that is also well lit.

— Jeffrey R. Dross


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