Why You Need a Ceiling Fan

Why You Need a Ceiling Fan

by Jessica Gezon

The heat of summer is something you can look forward to, something you can dread or something you can learn to love -- but it's not something you can easily avoid. Ceiling fans are a throwback to lazy days, and the comfort a good ceiling fan provides can be depended on in any climate. Whether you're a lover or a hater of hot weather, or you simply dislike stagnant air, read on to find out why you need a ceiling fan.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans:

  1. Ceiling fans circulate air. A ceiling fans creates a current of air in an otherwise still room. The act of moving air around keeps it from getting stale and allows you to feel like you're breathing fresher air. Fan blades should be at least seven feet above the ground; for high ceilings, mount the ceiling fan on a downrod to keep air circulation closer to where people can enjoy the benefits. For low ceilings, look for a flush-mount design to keep the blades safely away from the tops of heads.
  2. Ceiling fans save you money. Running an air conditioner all day can be expensive and create the feeling that you're existing in a refrigerator. Fans help you avoid super cooled, unmoving air by creating a breeze and cooling you off without chilling the air.
  3. Ceiling fans keep you cool. Ceiling fans keep the air in a room moving. While the air blowing by isn't any cooler than the other air in the room it acts as a breeze and feels cooler; which is what really matters. You can enhance the effects of a ceiling fan by leaving windows open at night and letting in the cool air.
  4. Ceiling fans create a classic look. Ceiling fans were around long before air conditioning units, and they call to mind classic settings. Install one on the porch (one designed for outdoor use, of course) and enjoy evenings on the veranda or mount one in the living room for designer effect. Ceiling fans are available in different finishes, styles and materials, so you can find the perfect accessory no matter what style of home decor you've selected.
  5. Ceiling fans add light. Certain ceiling fans are equipped with lights while others can be retrofitted using light kits. Typically, the light, or lights, will be centered between the blades to avoid the strobe effect of spinning lights. Most ceiling fans with lights allow you to use just the light, just the fan, both together or neither; these possibilities mean you can have whatever combination of light and fresh air that suits your needs.


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