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Lighting in Orem & Provo - Quoizel Lighting & Lamps for your home

BRIGHT IDEAS: 5 Lighting Trends in 2017 (from Quoizel’s Product Advisory Council)

While I’ve been a member of the lighting industry for only 38 days, I’ve long believed that lighting selection is one of the most important (and underrated) decisions you will make for your home. As a millennial, I often look to the online community for interior decorating inspiration, but with thousands of options in a plethora of styles, sizes and finishes, the search for that perfect piece can be a bit overwhelming. And keeping up with the latest trends? Well it’s downright exhausting. If only there was someone whose job it was to help you identify your personal design style and weed through the thousands of options to find your lighting soulmate.
Enter the showroom consultant. They know the lighting industry like the back of their hand. They can translate all of the technical jargon to make sure the lighting you pick won’t require new electrical, or be too large for the space. They’ll tell you what’s popular now and are the first to know of emerging trends. Often they have a hand in helping new concepts become trends.
Fortunately, Quoizel figured out a way to leverage all of that insight for the purpose of making better products: the Product Advisory Council (PAC). Made up of premier showroom owners and consultants from across the U.S. and Canada, PAC evaluates hundreds of product samples, working with Quoizel’s product development team to hand select each item in the upcoming line.
Quoizel relies heavily on PAC to determine which trends are here to stay, which trends are on their way out, and which trends are on the horizon. So last week, when I had the opportunity to participate in the annual PAC meeting at our headquarters in South Carolina, I set out to uncover the biggest trends in lighting for 2017. According to PAC, here are five trends you’ll want to pay close attention to:
  1. In the Mix
Gone are the days when an entire room was characterized by a single finish. Mixing metals has gained momentum in recent years and will continue to grow in popularity. Pairing similar hues instantly adds dimension, while blending warm and cool tones amps up the visual interest.

  1. Super-Size Me
Lighting fixtures that make a statement and ground a room because they’re bigger and bolder will continue their winning streak. And you don’t need a large home to enjoy this trend; a statement pendant over a breakfast nook or a chandelier above a bathtub can make for stunning focal points.

  1. Taking Shape
Lighting fixtures in geometric shapes will be a huge hit in 2017. The strong lines make a statement, but pair well with traditional and modern décor alike. If you want a scene-stealer, look for fixtures with tetrahedral or hexagonal frames.

  1. The Midas Touch
Gold recently came out of hibernation, and it’s here to stay. The warmth and depth of gold hues add a luxe feel to even the most industrial fixture. And the range of gold tones make it an incredibly versatile choice that mixes well with other metals to create a thoughtful, layered look.

  1. LED-ing the Way
2017 will see a significant shift toward LED lighting. There’s no debating that LED is significantly more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and longer lasting. Now, thanks to rapid innovation in the LED industry, a price drop for LED bulbs is expected this year, making it that much easier to switch. Expect to see a variety of new minimalist LED fixtures in the coming months.


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