Hinkley Lighting Wins "Best Visual Presentation" at January Lightovation

Hinkley Lighting Wins "Best Visual Presentation" at January Lightovation

AVON LAKE, Ohio (Jan. 30, 2019) – Hinkley Lighting, a leading designer and distributor of decorative lighting, was awarded "Best Visual Presentation" at January Lightovation by the visual design experts at Dallas Market Center. The company won for its light pattern installation composed of its Nuvi product, an integrated LED deck light. 

Located in the rear window of Hinkley’s showroom in the Trademart of Dallas Market Center, a glowing geometric design spanned 20 feet across the wall. The interactive display flashed light patterns, creating a “light show” controlled by tablet software. Experiential art installations, current color trends and the shape of the Nuvi product were sources of inspiration for the exhibit.

“Hinkley sets a high standard for amazing, inspiring displays complemented by our own trend displays throughout campus,” Cindy Morris, president and CEO of Dallas Market Center says. “Buyers representing lighting showrooms from around the world depend upon Hinkley’s product presentations to serve as trend intelligence and as helpful merchandising examples.”

Hinkley’s marketing and engineering departments collaborated to ensure the display was achievable with Nuvi. Once the design was drawn and functionality was confirmed, the product development and visual merchandising teams weighed-in on the concept. When all were in favor of the blueprint, the team got to painting the Nuvis in bright, fluorescent colors. Overall, the Hinkley team spent close to 150 hours on this project.

“Hinkley leadership gives us the freedom to explore big, outside-the-box ideas that generate excitement internally, and provide inspiration to customers and consumers alike,” says Michelle Salopek, art director for Hinkley Lighting. “This installation began as a what if and quick sketch, and resulted in a fun, collaborative project for all.”

Hinkley Lighting also won this award in January 2017, June 2016 and January 2016. “Our goal every market is to generate a more impactful experience than the last,” says Salopek.


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