Light Fixtures Salt Lake City- Salt Lake City Lighting

Light Fixtures Salt Lake City- Salt Lake City Lighting

How do I determine the right size of chandelier I need for over my dining room table?

Whenever figuring the size of chandelier for a dining room table you want to have an even amount of spacing on all sides of the table.

When placed correctly it should be centered with the table and not overhang off any of the sides or corners. Also with a chandelier you  need to make sure that not only is it spaced correctly with the width of the table but also that you don't put something over the table that is to tall.

When figuring if a fixture is to high for a table or dining room you want to take into account the ceiling height, fixture height and also depending on the fixture two to six inches for the chain and the canopy that it will hang from. Once you have your height figured out you want to measure approximately 30" above the top of the table and make sure that will comply with your ceiling height, fixture height and the 2" to 6" extra for the chain.

After following these steps you should be able to find the corectly sized light fixture that will light up your table properly and efficiently.

Light Fixtures Salt Lake City

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