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Hubbardton Forge has been watching and studying the growth of LEDs for the last five or six years, and in 2013 we implemented the technology into our lighting line. We introduced five products that were a mix of wall sconces and pendants. Then in 2014, we introduced 13 new LED products, again focusing on wall sconces and pendants with the addition of semi flushes and a task lamp.
One of the benefits we like most about LED technology is the small and flexible form factor of the LED light source. All of our LED fixtures are designed to take advantage of that, meaning the fixtures we design are dedicated LED that typically could not be done with a traditional light source. It is an exciting time to be in lighting. We can do things with light and form now with LED that weren’t achievable with legacy bulbs.
We looked long and hard for the correct partner for our LED components and ended up finding one right in our own backyard here in Vermont. They have been able to help us design, manufacture, and implement unique light sources into our fixtures so that the LEDs and the fixtures work together as a system. Because we use top quality components and manufacturing techniques from right here in the United States, we have more confidence and flexibility to do more with LED lighting. Our dedicated LED fixtures are designed so that boards and modules can be replaced or retrofitted later in life if required.
There are a lot of questions out there about LEDs. One question we often hear is whether LED fixtures can be dimmed. Dimming is something that we consider from conception of a new LED fixture. There are many different ways and types of dimming for LED, so it can be confusing to the customer. In general we decided it is best to have our dimmable LED fixtures be able to do so using a household dimmer. Our dedicated LED fixtures use LED drivers that are located within the fixture or canopy. The drivers we choose depend on the light output and form factor of the fixture. Finding a line-dimmable driver for each design can prove challenging. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made in the design form of the fixture to accommodate the dimmable drivers, as they are bigger than a non-dimmable one such as deeper canopies or back plates.
All Hubbardton Forge LED fixtures are covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.
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